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Kusakabe Yoshimi Shrine

Kusakabe Yoshimi Shrine


This shrine has a history of Aso development. It was built to dedicate 12 sets of remains including Hiyainomikoto who was the main character of Kusakabe Myth and was the first son of Emperor Jinmu (the first emperor) .

Hiyainomikoto came to Kusakabe on August 5th, Jinmu 69, due to the imperial order of Hyuganokuni Takachiho, suppressed a big snake punishing residents, and decided to live in ”Yoshino Pond” where a big snake used to be.

He buried ”Yoshino Pond”, built pillars of shrine, and covered a roof and a wall with grass. It has been said that the name of ”Kusakabe” came after this story.

The unusual structure of this shrine is commonly called a descending shine whose sanctuary is built under torii archways. This shrine is one of Japanese major descending shrines including Udo Shrine (Nichinan city, Miyazaki Pref.) and Nukisashi Shrine (Tomioka City, Gunma Pref.)

As climbing down 130 stone steps of Kusakabe Yoshimi Shrine which is famous for one of Japanese major descending shrines, there is the sanctuary and a great cedar tree which is approximately 500~600 years old under a cliff back of the sanctuary.

This great cedar tree is a sacred tree of Kusakabe Yoshimi Shrine with over 7.7m in girth and 40m in height, and creates solemn atmosphere.

Reitai Festival is held twice annually in summer and autumn on July 31st and October 17th. Portable gokou will be carried too Okariya in Jibikihara on July 31st, and Kakura Thirty-Three performance of Iwato will be presented on the Kagura stage in front of the sanctuary. Okamimite Sumo will be dedicated in the open space next to the sanctuary on October 17th.

2175 Kusakabe, Takamori Cho, Aso Gun, Kumamoto Pref.
Approximately 23 minutes by car from Takamori Station